Union picketing or handbilling can be very disruptive for any business.

At a manufacturing facility or job site, such activity can completely shut down production. At a retail establishment, it can bring sales to a halt.

The important thing for a business owner to know is that not all picketing and handbilling is legal. The legality of such activity involves a consideration of a number of factors, including the circumstances of the particular case.

In some cases, the activity may be legal, but the business may be able to take steps to limit the activity and thereby limit the effect it has on the business.

In some cases, the activity may be illegal, and the business may be able to take steps to have the activity stopped entirely.

The risk is that an improper response by the business may itself violate the law.

The key is to be able to size up the situation quickly and accurately, and then take action that fully protects the business' interests without violating the union's rights. This is a tightrope that not every lawyer knows how to walk.

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