For many employers, an employment lawsuit creates both a risk of liability and an unexpected expense. Because the potential liability accompanying such litigation can be significant, the cost of defending the employer can also be large.

What many employers fail to realize is that they may be covered by an insurance policy or policies that provide for a defense in an employment case, as well as coverage for certain types of claims in the case. Policies of interest include commercial general liability policies, directors' and officers' liability policies, and even homeowner's policies.

In those cases in which an employer tenders the defense of an employment lawsuit to an insurance carrier, it is common for the carrier to deny any obligation to defend or cover the claim. In such cases, the employer will need experienced counsel to protect its rights under the policy or policies.

In cases in which the insurer does accept the tender of defense, the interests of the insurer and the employer may not be perfectly aligned. In such cases, the employer needs separate and independent counsel to ensure that its rights are protected.

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