In my experience, most employers take workplace safety seriously. They like to keep their employees happy and healthy and working productively.

A safe workplace also makes economic sense. Workplace accidents result in lost productivity, workers' compensation and liability claims, and increases in insurance premiums.

Even careful employers find that it is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing laws and regulations relating to workplace safety, however. Unfortunately, an employer's failure to keep abreast of new developments can result in OSHA citations and fines.

I can audit your safety policies and practices to make sure they comply with the current laws and regulations applicable to your industry. I can then recommend changes before you undergo an OSHA inspection and receive a citation and fine.

If you have been unfortunate enough to receive an OSHA citation in the past, you know that such cases are processed under a set of administrative procedures unlike those found in the courts or other agencies. I have handled OSHA cases and I am familiar with those procedures. If you find yourself with a new OSHA citation, I can represent you in the case.

I have over 40 years of experience in labor and employment matters and can help you and your business comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

I provide a free initial consultation on all new matters. Call me today at 763-494-9465.

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