Allegations of sexual harassment may be the most significant a business can face. Not only do they tend to be very emotional, but they also create tremendous legal exposure for any business.

The time for a business to address sexual harassment is long before any allegation is made. Every business simply must have a written policy prohibiting harassment in all its forms, and setting forth a procedure for addressing any allegation that may arise.

If an allegation does arise, the business must follow its procedures, conduct a thorough investigation, reach a conclusion regarding the allegation, and take appropriate action. Any failure to take these steps can result in significant liability.

If an employer has no experience in conducting a sexual harassment investigation, it should retain experienced counsel as soon as an allegation is raised. Even an employer with substantial experience in this area can benefit by having counsel engaged from the outset.

I can help your company develop and implement a legally-compliant sexual harassment policy. I can also assist after an allegation has arisen by conducting a thorough sexual harassment investigation and representing you in any litigation that may arise.

I have over 40 years of experience in labor and employment matters and can help you and your business comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

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