Many small employers are used to “doing business on a handshake,” and thus feel that they don't need written personnel policies or an employee handbook. They believe that they have clear oral agreements with all their employees, and that there is no room for any misunderstanding.

What they fail to recognize is that an employee who seemed to understand the employer's policies during the employment may take a different view once the relationship has ended. Moreover, in a dispute between a former employee and an employer, judges and other adjudicators will tend to rule against an employer that could have put its policies in writing but failed to do so.

Every business that employs one or more employees should have its important policies set forth in a personnel policies manual and/or an employee handbook. Smaller employers should not feel overwhelmed by this process. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting out with key policies and adding other policies later.

Employers who already have written personnel policies in place should have them reviewed at least annually to make sure they comply with any changes in the law. Developments occur on the federal, state, and local levels, so it's important that the policies be reviewed by someone who carefully follows those developments.

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